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Why Aikido?


Aikido the art of non-violent self-defense.  We use the attacker's momentum and body mechanics against them.  This means it is an art for everyone - you don't need to be bigger or stronger than your opponent.  This makes us one of the most accessible types of martial arts, open to all people and body types.

Aikido is fun, good exercise, and builds skills like balance and confidence that are key in daily life.

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Who are we?


We're a friendly dojo founded in 2015, with close ties to the national Aikido Kokikai Federation.  The head instructor, Sam-Sensei, has been practicing aikido for 12 years and founded AKOC when she moved to town.  We frequently have visitors from other dojos guest-teaching.

Our students are a diverse group, with and without prior martial arts experience.  Our dojo is our family!

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Our Philosophy


Our motto is "Minimum effort, maximum effect."  Aikido is non-competitive, and everyone in the class works to help their friends be the best they can be.

Aikido is not just about self-defense.  It helps with general fitness, posture, balance, and confidence.  It brings relaxation into daily life, and even helps with verbal conflict management.

And oh yeah, it's fun!

Our dojo strives to provide a safe, fun enviroment where everyone feels welcome and can enjoy their practice.

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Aikido Kokikai Orange County

16632 Hale Ave #150, Irvine, California 92606, United States

(657) 888-4009


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00-9:30 PM

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